T1 Payments

US-based high-risk payment processor

T1 Payments is an unregulated high-risk payment processor in the U.S., and the U.K.  Donald Kasdon (LinkedIn) established the company in 2012.

T1 Payments has recently attracted attention for terminating high-risk clients and multi-level marketing operators Beyond Wealth and IBUUMERANG. T1 Payments suspended their accounts and allegedly retained $4M and $6M respectively. Both filed fraud complaints against the payment processor. The court cases are still proceeding.

On Trustpilot, T1 Payments currently has a “Poor” rating with 2.7 stars. A lot of merchants are complaining about T1 Payments and claim that they stole their money.

T1 Payment operates with a group of companies controlled and owned by Donald Kasdon and his family:

  • T1 Payments LLC, Florida, with Donald Kasdon, Amber Fairchild and Debra Kaisen
  • TGlobal Services LLC, Nevada, Amber Fairchail, Debra Kaisen a/k/a Debra King
  • T1 Payments Limited, United Kingdom, with Debra King (Companies House)
  • TGlobal Services Limited, United Kingdom, Amber Fairchild (resigned) and Debra King (Companies House)

The CEO of the T1 Payment Group used to be Donald Kasdon (read Finance Magnates article here). Also involved are his alleged girlfriend Amber Fairchild and his mother Debra King, a/k/a Debra Kaisen a/k/a Debra Kasdon.

Amber Fairchild is the beneficial owner of Pixxles Ltd d/b/a Pixxles (PC42 profile), an e-Money Institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with reference number 927960 since July 2021.

In May 2021, T1 payments was sued in Nevada for embezzlement and fraud by a former customer (Diamond CBD, Ltd.).
The damages are said to amount to almost $700,000.

Based on T1 Payments‘ actions and findings from court filings, we include the payment processor in our “Black Signal” compliance list.

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  1. My thoughts on the matter

    I know this group T1 Payment Merchant
    I personally know Don Kasdon, I was hired as a representative for his company to sign up all the major telemarketing companies in Las Vegas. I literally did that, after I signed all the big boys, he fired me and every person that I signed had money stolen from them.
    The way that they get you, is when they steal everything from you electronically, they end up getting sued by the victim and Dons lawers try to stretch the law suit out for years.
    I really believed in this group, after they did what they did to me, it put me under water
    It took me a long time to get back on my feet, and it has been years now.
    To this day I think about them, and every time I get a chance I give them a call to ask for Don. I even keep tabs on their new locations,
    When they’re in a shitstorm after they destroy some one, they’re the kind of people that will try to intimidate that business owner.
    I will never forget what they did to me, or so many others in Las Vegas.
    My comment is, pure con-artists-scammers!
    I am very sure, all of them sleep unwell over what they did to me, knowing I’m still alive.
    Like I said I’m always thinking about them.
    Bad group of people!!!

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